5 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Toxic and Slowly Killing You

TOXIC relationship

Toxic, as the definition goes is a substance that causes damage to your body. When used in terms of relationships it’s the act or behavior of your partner that causes not physical, mental, sexual, and/or psychological harm to you. Once into a toxic relationship, it is very hard to get over it mainly due to the fact that most people fail to identify the signs.

Toxic Relationship
It is not always that the behavior of the partner will directly carry the evidence of being toxic, at times it’s subtle but the effect is damaging. Thus, it is a need for you to take a look at your relationship and check if it truly makes you happy or not. If not, is it because you are in a toxic one?

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The classic blame game

Whenever you are in an argument does your partner finds a way to blame you? Then, it is time to have a good talk with him or her and say no. Continuous blame game in a relationship breaks it off and leaves endless levels of scars.
Couple Blaming each other


There is no denying the fact that criticism is necessary for personal growth. However, it works only then when it is positive in nature. When you find your partner always criticizing you and that makes you feel small, then it is time to rethink.

Couple after a fight sitting on bench
You lost yourself

It is true that change is the only constant in one’s life and the same goes for a relationship too. However, with time it should grow rather than making your feel alienated.

Heart in fire
Passive-aggressive behavior

They say they let go of a situation only to bring it up several days later and make you feel miserable. Does that situation sound familiar? Do you really think that is something healthy?

Toxic Relationship
Getting physical

Any fight and disagreement make them get physical? They do apologize saying it won’t ever happen again but they are false promises? Then my dear, end that relationship now. You deserve better than someone who gets physically abusive with you.

Couple Fighting
If you identify with any or all of the signs, then take the strength to get out from the relationship that is ruining you. YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE.



5 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Toxic and Slowly Killing You

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