Lizard Found In Veg-Biryani Served To A Passenger On Poorva Express! Disgusting!


Hygiene and cleanliness are some of the aspects which are considered the most when it comes to the food served by Indian Railways. There is no denying the fact that the railways doesn’t have a good repute in terms of food and a number of complaints have been made in this regard too. However, the recent incident has crossed all the limits and will make you never order food in trains.

Yes, you will be shocked to no end to know that on Tuesday, a passenger on Poorva Express Train Number 12303 ordered vegetarian biryani but all his appetite finished after finding a lizard in it, which naturally filled him with disgust and anger.


When Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) and other officers came to know about the awful happening, they inquired the passenger’s health as well as gave him appropriate medication. What’s more, the commuter took to Twitter and lodged a complaint with Suresh Prabhu. Not only this, he informed mediapersons that much delay was made in giving him medicines.

In his words,

“The thing which I regret the most is that I was given medicines really late. I was not given any medication for about four hours.”


Here’s what a co-passenger tweeted Suresh Prabhu, “lizard found fried in biryani train no 12303,HA1,seat no 1,passenger feeling unwell ,no medical attention#indianrailways”

Kishor Kumar, Danapur division’s DRM, has criticized the incident and said that a comprehensive investigation will be made in this connection. As per DRM,

“It is a very unfortunate incident. A detailed enquiry would be conducted in the case and necessary action would be taken. A check-up was done in the Danapur Division and he was given medicine.Our concern was the health of all the passengers. All the passengers were attended and it was ensured that the passengers were given the necessary health treatment.”

Reporting about the quality of the food, he said,

“Articles unsuitable for human consumption, contaminated foodstuff, recycled foodstuff, shelf life expired packaged and bottled items, unauthorised brands of water bottles, etc., were offered for sale on stations.”

It’s high time that Indian Railways pays much attention to its food quality otherwise the day is not far when passengers will stop ordering food from the railways. What do you have to say in this connection?



Lizard Found In Veg-Biryani Served To A Passenger On Poorva Express! Disgusting!

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