15 WTF Products For Girls That Are Downright Hilarious


There are thousands of products that are sold daily. While some are immensely useful, there are many that can easily be classified as being totally ridiculous. They are so pointless that their existence is actually hilarious. However, the funnier part is that people actually make an effort to purchase such ridiculous products. We can’t help but feel a little sad for them. Here are such 15 products that will keep you giggle for long time. Since, all the products in the list are specially targeted towards female population, so we can easily say that these are the products for the sad girls. Why else would you buy it?

Pajama Jeans

Imagine your pajama in the material of jeans and it will be as uncomfortable as it sounds. Why will someone want to wear that and on top they look fake.

Pajama Jeans
The Wine Rack Bra

Who wouldn’t want to increase their breast size while sipping delicious wine? Well, this is the USP of this product. We are loss of words for this new ‘life –saving’ innovation.

Wine Rack Bra
 Make A Boyfriend Kit

The blow up doll that will be your boyfriend. Girls, you are much better than this believe us. You do not need some blow up doll to fill the feel for a partner.


The forever lazy

Imagine onesie for adults only it is full length and pink in color. You get the picture. Would you imagine yourself in it? No! Congratulations, you belong to the sensible part of the population.

women in the pajama
 F Cup Cookie

If you think they are delicious cookies then keep your foodie self out of the picture. They claim to transform any cup size into F Cup. Who says you need to have F cup? Embrace the way you are girls.

F Cup Cookie
S.A.D. Shirt

Being single is nothing wrong and more so even when you are proud about the fact. However, wearing a shirt with that fact written across sounds very desperate. Just saying!

i am single
Feet Underwear

It actually makes you say out loud what’s the point? Why do an underwear for my foot even exist? We are clueless you have any answers?

Foot Underwear
Grow a boyfriend

Who is in need of a human male when you can actually grow your perfect boyfriend? It’s an amazing settlement, unless the facts that it will be made of rubber and grew out of a glass of water bothers you.

Grow a boyfriend
Justin Bieber Thong Underwear

Even the name of the product screams a big WTF. Why would you want to cling his picture to your private parts? That’s just ridiculous.

Boy in Underwear
Boyfriend Pillow

Enough girls! Enough with this boyfriend materials. Why will you need the feel that a man is beside you to sleep comfortably? That also when it is half body shaped pillow of a dude.

 Beauty smile trainer

We agree a beautiful smile is really nice to see but think about putting a smile shaped rubber into your mouth for getting the same. It not only look weird but is absolutely uncomfortable.

Beauty smile trainer
The booty pop

Why do you need to be anything else other than the body you are born with? This is another offensive product which is actually underwear butt pads that would make your back look bigger. Why?

The booty pop

Ice Cream Cone Rotator

You are an idiot if you move you rotate your ice cream manually to lick the other side. Who does that silly? That’s why you have one of the greatest inventions of the century, Ice Cream Cone Rotator.s

TV Hat

Now watch TV anywhere you want, just put on this cap and enjoy your favorite show. We are not kidding, this is actually a product.

TV Hat
The Kush Support

Never let your boobs get squished with each other with this amazing product. Just one question how will it stay in place?

The Kush Support



15 WTF Products For Girls That Are Downright Hilarious

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