What You Should Know About 14th President Elect Of India – Ram Nath Kovind


In the presidential election, Ram Nath Kovind was just selected as the President of India. He will be the 14th President of this country. This 71 years old politician was a nominee of NDA. The nominee for opposition party was former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar. He was selected after securing 65% of the total vote value. He will serve as the second Dalit president of India.

Ram Nath Kovind

Here are some facts about the 14th President of our country.

  1. He was born at Kanpur Dehat in Uttar Pradesh on 1st October 1945
  2. P from Uttar Pradesh. He served for 12 years by winning two consecutive terms.
  3. He is the holder of two Bachelor’s degrees from Kanpur University. One in commerce and the other in Law.
  4. He served as the former president of former president of the BJP Dalit Morcha and also a spokesperson.
  5. Not only board member of IIM Kolkata but he also served in the same position at Dr. B.R Ambedkar University in Lucknow.
  6. He acted as governor of Bihar in 2015.
  7. In 2002, he represented Indian in United Nations while addressing the United Nations General Assembly.
  1. He is a lawyer by profession and practiced in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India for about 16 years. He also chaired Rajya Sabha House Committee.

, Ram Nath Kovind

He will take oath on 25th July and replace the present president Pranab Mukherjee.

Ram Nath Kovind




What You Should Know About 14th President Elect Of India – Ram Nath Kovind

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