7 Father’s Day Fun Facts That Will Touch Your Emotional Side

father and child

father and child

Father’s day is knocking down the door and we are sure you have made fabulous arrangements to surprise your dear daddy. Today we are here not to talk about the gifts you should choose for Father’s Day or the way it should be celebrated.

We are here just to provide you with a series of fun facts about this special day that you will surely enjoy. Shall we get started?

Say it with rose

Do you know that rose is the official flower for Father’s Day? This year, share your love by gifting rose to your daddy.


Love for Dad

In an average, the female shoppers tend to spend more on their father than on the man in their life.

girl shopping

The different dates

Though for most Father’s Day is celebrated on June 18th but not for everyone. This occasion is observed on 5th December in June and in 2nd Sunday of November in Finland.

father's day

The German way

In most parts of the world, this day is celebrated by giving gifts to your dads or doing something special. However, the Germans stand different in this regard. They celebrate the day by drinking wagons of beer accompanied by regional foods.

father's day

Guess the number

Any idea how many fathers will be celebrated on this day? Well, the number is about 1.5 billion.

father's day

The creator

Contrary to the popular belief, this is a day that is actually invented by a Woman in 1910. Sonora Smart Dodda is the one who proposed this idea to celebrate her single father who raised four kids, including her, all by himself.

father's day

Conveying love with card

In accordance to one of the most popular card making companies, it is the fifth largest day to send card.

cards for fathers day



7 Father’s Day Fun Facts That Will Touch Your Emotional Side

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