Hindu Fanatic Vigilantes Of Cow Beats A Muslim To Death

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About 200 me surrounded a 55-year old person who was transporting cattle and beat him to death. The mob identified themselves as being fanatic Hindu cow vigilant. They argued that cow is sacred for Hindus and that’s why they attacked the men. There is also a video of an incident that is circulated around. People among the group are charged with murder, taken into custody and a criminal case is opened.


It is true that smuggling cow out of Rajasthan is illegal but does that give anyone to take law into their own hands backed my fanatic religious motives?

religious Quotes

What we fail to see is that religion is supposed to create a peaceful society not bring cracks and push people towards being so heinous that they forget the common base of humanity.
What is your take on the matter?



Hindu Fanatic Vigilantes Of Cow Beats A Muslim To Death

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