This Guy’s Google Autocomplete CV Is Hilariously Brilliant & You Would Agree

How many times have you frantically searched Google to come up with the perfect format for your CV or to add those words that will certainly create an impact? Our guess will be many times, isn’t that so.

Well, let’s face it most of you may be a maestro in what you do but when it comes to writing a CV, you often find yourself in a deep mess. This is because writing a CV or a resume is not only time consuming but exceptionally tricky.

Now, this article is certainly not about how to prepare the perfect CV but what this person did to get the same. Well, Aaron Gillies who operates a Twitter account ‘TechnicallyRon’ took help of Google to complete his CV. You must be thinking what is so special about that? Well, he actually used the auto-complete feature of Google to write his CV. And the result is absolutely hilarious.

This is what he posted on Twitter before showing his resume.

Now, here is the bomb of laughter in form of his completed CV.

As expected, the tweet went viral quickly and the netizens cannot get enough of this funny twist.

The mathematical proof

Problem solved

A job offer!

However, the fun didn’t end here. People actually followed his method to try their hands at creating their own CV. How were they? Here is the proof for you!




Would you try creating a CV for yourself? Do not forget to show us the final result.

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This Guy’s Google Autocomplete CV Is Hilariously Brilliant & You Would Agree

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