The Heartwarming Story Of A Brother’s Reaction When His Little Sister Gets Period


Menstruation! Yes, I said it loud. This is a word that is considered a big taboo in major parts of our country. At times it seems that getting period stains on your clothes is a bigger sin than killing someone. Also, not to forget the way sanitary napkins are wrapped as if they are a matter of national security.

period pain

This is just one layer of the issue. There are many households where the girls on her menstrual cycle have to follow certain rules that end up making their life harder. On top of that, the lack of proper information and awareness the situation becomes really tough.


However, among all the dark cloud there is always a silver lining. Though most of the families fail to understand what a girl is going through during her periods, but not this family. They understand the need of the moment and create the environment accordingly.

mother and daughter

The sweetest part is the brother who gives in to his sister’s ‘torture’ so he can make her feel better with the ongoing volcanic eruption inside her abdomen. But, how does he make her happy?

Jokingly he says their house goes on a high alert as her periods start. Not only that but the following house rules immediately comes into effect.

  • Don’t argue with her.
  • She will decide the room temperature.
  • She will have the remote.
  • The last sweet is hers.

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The chocolates on the dinner table were hers without any discussion.

food to eat in periods

Other than all the sweet rules, he also brushes her hair and pampers her to the fullest. Not only that he also lets her paint his nails and do his hair.

Being the loving brother he is, this person also lets her draw Mehandi on him. Though thoroughly irritated but secretly he loves getting Heena tattooed.


Though we love our brothers but we wish they were more like Himanshu Rajput in this matter. This experience was shared by him on Quora.



The Heartwarming Story Of A Brother’s Reaction When His Little Sister Gets Period

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