This Whole Village Has A Strange Addiction And You Will Agree It’s The Best

Marottichal is a small village in the base of hills located in Kerala. This place is not even prominently recognized by Kerala Tourism Department, however, if you are someone who is more traveler than tourist then this place should be your next destination.

Why? Well, to experience the beautiful addiction of the entire village and truly it’s mesmerizing. On top that, the view of this place is truly breathtaking.

About 50 years back this is a place where people were drawn to the dark addiction of alcoholism and illicit gambling.

However, things started changing when one man taught the people to play a game to strategy. This game requires concentration and intelligence along with careful calculation. Can you guess which game it is? Chess!

According to the people in the village, it not only helped them in beating alcoholism and gambling but also acts as a savior in difficult times.

In the population of 6,000, about 4,000 people are addicted to this game of strategy which they play on a regular basis.

The people are happy that for them chess is the addiction that helped in overcome alcoholism. Not only that but they also believe that this game helps in increasing concentration and build character. That is why not only the adults but the children also take part in the game daily.

However, despite all the positivity a shadow of tension is lurking in the corner. With the increased use of Smartphones, people fear that the younger generation will slowly lose their interest in the wonderful game. We can only hope that day never comes.

So, when are you visiting Marottichal?



This Whole Village Has A Strange Addiction And You Will Agree It’s The Best

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