Cleverest Pranks Played By Different Companies On April Fool’s Day That Fooled Us Big Time



People who used it on 1st of April were in for a big time shock. As soon as the users clicked on a video they were greeted with the following message.
When they are frantically thinking what to do, then they are left with no other choice but to click one of the two options. However, the relief of the users then they get to know that it is nothing but a big April Fool’s prank.


The OMG Tweets That Will Make Every Indian Girl Go ROLF

Were you also on the list of the one that got shocked?


If you were casually browsing through this dating site and came across then job offer, then the chances are you swiped to get the job offer that was on display. Well, my friend you have been pranked.

The job was to swipe and like as many profiles as possible. Also, to give people awards on the creativity of their bio. However, after all that it, turned out to be a prank that surely broke the heart of the users just like when they don’t get a match.

Tinder April Fool Prank
Did you get caught up in this prank too?

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Every year this company is known for playing the best of the pranks of everyone. This year was also no difference from their innovation.

Gogole April Fool Prank
In this prank, the updated map of Google turned into the classing game of Pac-man including the iconic theme music. It was told that the users have to chase away the ghosts to get the right route. Ultimately, leading to this message.

Google April Fool Prank
Did you see it too?

Which of the three pranks did you like the best?



Cleverest Pranks Played By Different Companies On April Fool’s Day That Fooled Us Big Time

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