5 Reasons Why Being A Mermaid Is Better Than Being A Human

Life is already burdened with the issues we face daily. Is there any point going on a series of a rant about the same? No! That is the reason we are here to bring out that lovely smile on your face. Remember how it makes you look entirely amazing? Well, today let’s talk about why being a mermaid is one of the best things that can happen to you. Seriously, know the reasons and you will agree with us too!

No work

Think that you will not have to do any work for your whole life. All you have to do s swim around, sing, and enjoy delicious delicacies. Doesn’t that sound amazingly tempting?

Be a star

Mermaids are known for having amazing voices. You can put even the greatest singer of the world to shame. And who knows you can make a career filled with fame out of this skill!

The lovely house

No more concrete or wood, now you have a castle that is a huge clam shell. How cool is that?

Easy transportation

No more charges for transportation, you can just swim everywhere. Travel the world and all you have to do is just swim.

Every day is perfect hair day

Having bad hair day is the thing of past, now you have the beautiful perfect locks to show off, always.

Still don’t want to be a mermaid? We say, let’s do it!



5 Reasons Why Being A Mermaid Is Better Than Being A Human

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