7 Veg Foods That Are Actually Non-Veg! This Is Going To Give You a Heart-Attack


Being a vegetarian is difficult these days. They often get tempted by their friends, who would happen to eat, non-vegetarian in front of them. It would be funny, to see them give weird reactions on seeing the dish. But, what we are about to see, may turn out to be a moment of shock for all the vegetarians. Are you sure that the Naan and Manchow soup that you order in a restaurant, is purely vegetarian??? Find out more, in this article about vegetarian dishes that is absolutely.

Manchow soup


The aroma and taste of a Manchow soup, takes a man by his knees. It is of two varieties; veg and non-veg. But, some restaurants mix fish sauce with the Manchow soup for giving more thickness and taste. Wouldn’t mind ordering other soups next time right?



Ordering a Naan with a delectable side-dish is most common among the vegetarians. But, it is also true that, some restaurants use egg while making the dough to make it more soft and tasty.  Would be better to have only rotis from next time right?   

White sugar


Sugar has become an essential ingredient of ever-day life. It is known fact that sugar is made out of the extracts of Sugar cane. A carbon content termed to be “Natural carbon” is used in sugar making process, which is actually made from burnt bones of animals



Having a chilled beer may reduce stress and relieve tension. But a hidden truth is that, it contains gelatin from fish called as Ishinglass. This is done to add more color to the beer and pure it up.

Potato chips

potato chips

Even though a junk snack, it is most enjoyed at all times with a drink by the side. Actually, it contains chicken fat, which provides for the crispness and taste. But, it is not done by all the manufacturers. Some make it in its pure form also.

Heart friendly oil


These types of oils are mostly suggested in place of regular oils used. They are termed to be heart friendly. But, it contains omega-3 acids which are squeezed out from fish oil. Also, the vitamins present in these oils are based from sheep.



It feels heaven when the cheese melts in our mouth. It is so relishing and yummy. But animal gut based enzyme is used in making some types of cheese. Feels so nauseating right? I guess every vegetarian must be feeling like, should I even eat food hereafter?



7 Veg Foods That Are Actually Non-Veg! This Is Going To Give You a Heart-Attack

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