3 Things you should never say to stay-at-home dads


We stay in a time where the society is full of double standards. While the women are thought to be the only one to take care of the baby and the house, the men are instantly shamed if they take up that job. It is a family and a two-person job. Being a stay-at-home dad is a personal decision and there is no shame attached to it. Thus, never ever say these things to someone who is being a stay-at-home husband or dad.


‘It is someone’s babysitting duty today’

No! it is his child and he is taking care of the same. Nothing more or less! Get over it.


‘You are an amazing father’

True that they will be an amazing father for their kids like everyone else desires but not because they are doing household chores. There is nothing to glorify.


‘How do you pull it off? Being stay-at-home dad?’

Well, absolutely the same way a stay-at-home mother would have pulled it off.

Father and young daughter having a tea party.

It is about time that we put out the double standards about the genders out of our life and embrace equality.




3 Things you should never say to stay-at-home dads

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