Maid In Heaven

Telephonic conversation between me and my maid

“Maid: Didi aaj kaam pen nehi ana.
Me: Kiun? Pahele kiun nehi bola?
Maid: To meri bahen ki sale ki mausi ki beti aaj bhag ke shadi kar rahi hai, to main pahele kaise bataun?
Me: Dumbfold!”

This is one of the few conversations we have with our maid. The worst part is when we try to threaten them by saying ‘kal se kaam pe mat ana’ and they agree. You are welcomed to the world of complete messed up hell. This is what happened when this lady’s maid let the job.

What Does It Feel Like To Grow Up In An India Family?

She starts searching out for someone new and went on taking interviews. The next thing that follows will make you cry with laughter.

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