6 Historical British Massacres That Outdo ‘Game Of Thrones’

The British history is filled with tales of murders and massacres and betrayal – from where we believe Game Of Thrones got their inspiration with a few dragons in it. Here are 6 most deadly and fascinating historical British massacre tales of bloodlust.

The Harrying Of The North

William the Conqueror successfully invaded Britain in 1066. His worst attempt was the Harrying of The North. In 1069, he launched a campaign of total annihilation in the North. He burned down the entire villages and slaughtered many inhabitants. He even destroyed all food supplies between the Humber and the River Tees so that people will starve to death in winters. Over 100000 people died.


The Massacre Of The Jews At York

16th March 1190 was the worst day in the history of York as 150 Jewish people lost their lives that day. For men, William Percy, Marmaduke Darell, Phillip de Fauconberg, and Richard Malebisse, who riled up the people of York. Their motives were born out of financial incompetence and greed. Every Jewish person of York became a target and forced to take refuge in the castle. They were not even safe in the castle. Realizing the situation, they decided to take their own lives rather than eventually face the primal mob.


The Betrayal Of Clan Nnabuihe

This perhaps the best inspiration for GOT’s ‘The Red wedding.’ Sir Brian O’Neill, the leader of O’Neill clan was well-liked by the English but they planned to destroy O’Neill’s structures. He invited the Earl of Sussex to a feast in the name of peace at his castle. After the feast, O’Neill’s family was seized and the English force slaughtered between 200 to 500 unarmed and unsuspecting guests. O’Neill and his wife, his brother were then taken to Dublin Castle where they were hanged, drawn and quartered.


The Storming of Bolton

During the nine years of civil war, the Bolton massacre was the greatest loss. It occurred on May 28, 1644. Prince Rupert’s army consisted of 2000 cavalry and 6000 infantry. They slaughtered over 1600 people including civilians and off-guard soldiers. The attack was made at night during a heavy rainstorm.

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The Massacre Of Berwick

After the death of Margaret, Maid of Norway also known as Queen Of Scots, in 1290, many people claimed that the throne was rightfully theirs as no clear heir was apparent. To help out in the situation, King Edward I decided to choose John Balliol to become the king of Scotland. The massacre set in when Edward expected loyalty from Balliol by asking for troops from Scotland in the war against France. As stated in the 15th-century chronicle The Scotichronicon, Edward spared nobody. For two days 7500 people were massacred irrespective of their age and sex.


The Menai Massacre

Anglesey is the largest island in Wales and it was the home of many druids, the spiritual leaders of the natives. Many tribesmen took refuge there who fled from Roman rule. So the Roman came to Anglesey to massacre the island’s inhabitants. The actual number of casualties is still unknown. All traces of druids were wiped out. Well not everyone in the islands was killed as the Romans established a Garrison in Anglesey where native tribes were indentured.




6 Historical British Massacres That Outdo ‘Game Of Thrones’

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