Tips To Say F**K Off To Your Anxiety And Feel The Freedom

Imagine you just got into your car on a sunny day and is headed towards your office when you suddenly wondered if you have locked your door or not. Thus begin the saga of turning your car and coming back to your house to find it locked. Moreover, along the entire way you were panicked and irritated with a fog veiling your memory. What was supposed to be a happy start is now completely ruined by anxiety.

In technical terms it is having apprehensions about any upcoming event that causes elevation in the both effecting the physical and emotional state of a person. However, anxiety is more common in the modern world than we accept. Here are ten ways to deal with the anxiety that tries to eat you every single day.

Breathe the right way

Panic attacks, due to anxiety, can hit you at any point of time. One of the important things you need to remember is to regulate your breathing. Take short shallow breaths that will slowly help your body and brain to come down and thus helping you in handling the anxiety in a better way.  This is a step you can also repeat throughout the day to keep your nerves calm.


Does it sound silly? Then do it even more. Smile is one of the most beautiful features of a human. There is no harm in taking a break in-between your busy schedule to catch up on some giggles. There is a scientific reason that we are asking you to make your facial muscles work more. Laughter or smile can help in reducing the effects of anxiety, as well as, depression.

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Sleeping is needed

The first step towards making sure that you are not drowning in the world of anxiety is to get proper sleep. Inconsistent sleep causes more harm that we realize. Lack of sleep not only hampers our physical health but also plays havoc on our emotional state. A sweet sleep will help you in keeping down the level of anxiety throughout the day. Make sure you have complete sleep without any kind of disturbances.


It is not a crime to take some time off for yourself and stay totally disconnected. This is the ‘me’ time that is often missing from the life of the present generation. It may seem hard at first but a period of silence actually helps in soothing your nerves. That in turn makes sure that your stress level is way under control.

Relax and sort

There are thousands of things that must be going through your mind. You are all jumbled up with your thoughts and don’t know where to start or end. It leads to feeling of a visible pressure on you and ultimately leading to anxiety. The truth is work is never ending, the more you do it keeps on increasing. The best way is make a list of the work you have to do. It will help you in realizing the priority of the work and also will keep you jittery nerves calm.


We understand that meditation is never an easy process and it takes practice to discover its true effect. However, if you force yourself to meditate each day, eventually you will feel that your stress level is decreasing. This is a form of practice that helps in increasing your concentration.  Also it helps by having a positive effect on your mood.

Let the child out

Spend some times with pets and children. They are such creations of good who are innocent and have amazing ability to accept anyone without judging. Thus, the more your stay in touch with the tensionless part of human life, the more your stress level drops. It may seem a simple step but has a much deeper impact than you realize.

Plan ahead

It is always better if you make sure to plan in advance for your work. It will help you in drawing a probable plan and the scheduling will help you in keeping your stress level at bay.

Eat in the right way

If you are on a diet, eat right. If you are not on a diet, then also eat right. It means that make sure you follow a regular timing for your meals every day. Try increasing the intake of foods that contains vitamin B and Omega – 3s. They are the elements that have effect in reducing anxiety. It has been researched that proper and timely eating gives a good feeling to you.

Think positive

It is true that there are times when it’s very hard to think about anything positive. Thus, make it a habit to go through the positive things at least once a day. It can be anything that motivates, inspires, or makes you smile.



Tips To Say F**K Off To Your Anxiety And Feel The Freedom

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