7 Clear Signs That Tell He Wants To Marry You Soon


You and your partner have been in a relationship for quite a long time. Things are going quite smoothly and well, to say, your relationship has now jumped to a next level i.e. matrimony. But you are still not sure that whether he’s ready to marry you. Does he see you as ‘The Only One’? Are you trying to figure out whether you man is ready to pop the question?

Well, to know the answers, look out for these subtle signs that will clue you in

When your man talks more about his future plans with you in them and highlights being together quite often then it means that the time has come when he wants to get married to you and settle down.


When he talks about weddings and doesn’t gag when you or any of his friends talk about marriage thing then it is an indication that he would soon ask your opinion on marriage.

How-Guys-Flirt Does your man invite you to every family event, holidays and occasion? If yes then he is likely to pop the marriage question to you. Moreover, it also shows that he’s quite open up to you and sees you as a vital part of his life and family.


When he says all those things that make you feel that “you’re the only one in his life and the one with whom he could spend the entire life” or makes it very clear that you are most special woman to him (of course, after his mom) then it only means that he’s ready to don the tuxedo and marry you.

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Loving young couple

When your man starts being way more than touchy and excitable, the way he used to be in your early dating days, then it means he is expecting you to be his future wife and hence missed no chance to act like your husband at any cost.

Loving young couple

If he misses you, takes out proper time for you, doesn’t have a wandering eye and likes living with you then he definitely wants to be around you for a lifetime and for everything, which is why it comes out clear that he wants to tie the knot with you.

Loving young coupleIf your man supports you and stays by your side always during the hard times then it surely means that he is the right one for you. Also, it signalizes that he would want to be by your side for ever even on your big day.

Loving young couple



7 Clear Signs That Tell He Wants To Marry You Soon

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