10 Normal Everyday Things That Can Get You in Serious Trouble in North Korea

North Korea Religion

North Korea, we all know about the horrific atrocities of the place through the means of news. Already the country is hiding under the veil of obscurity where the entry of outside world is restricted. Even though the aspect of tourism is opened in the country but there are different restrictions that one has to follow. Also, the kind of portrayal for the tourists is much different from the real life.

If you are deciding to take a deeper look at this country, as a traveler, then here are ten things you should know about that are banned in North Korea.


The idiot box, as we lovingly call the television has become an indispensable part of our lives. To check out on the latest match or to spend a lazy afternoon watching movies, TV is a must have equipment in our house. However, the citizens of the place are not allowed to watch TV unless the channels are sanctioned by the government. This is the way to keep the citizens detached from the happening of the outside world.

People Watching TV


When Kim Jong II died in the year 2011, then about 100 days of mourning period was declared by the government. During this period, there were many things that were prohibited and one among them was alcohol. Banning of drinks is common occurrence in many of the occasions and the ones who do not follow the rule meet gruesome death, even if they are high ranking officials.

Drinking Beer


Think that your hair is your property and you can design it any way you like? Well not in North Korea. There are 28 types of prescribed hairstyle by the government that you can opt for. This number is divided among male and female population. Also, there are different styles for the married and unmarried ones. Any other hairstyle is considered as the violation of the law set by the state.

North Korea Hairstyle

Driving of car

You cannot own a car in the country as a common citizen. If you belong from one of the state official, then you can get the right to have a car of your own. This ridiculous rule made roughly about 100 people the owner of cars in the country and others don’t have it even if they have the means of buying one. This curfew is to meet the continuous fuel shortage in the country.

Car Driving


No practicing of different religion is not officially banned in North Korea but one would think thousand times before uttering anything religious. It is the pseudo show of religious tolerance that can get one in trouble. In 2014, one such missionary who distributed bible was arrested and executed along with 33 of his followers.

North Korea Religion

While travelling to North Korea, get prepared to search deep into your imagination to satisfy your sexual urges, porn is something that is against the Law. The violation of the law is not taken lightly and the punishment is not fine but death. In 2013, about 80 people were killed due to violation of this law. Among them, few were killed in the public as a warning to others.


Of course they make use of the calendar, just not the Gregorian one as the rest of the world. They count the years since the birth of Kim II Sung., grandfather of Kim Jong-UN. Thus, this country celebrated its 104th birthday recently. Needless to say, you are not allowed to use any other kind of calendar system and the violation of the law can lead to death.

Speaking with family and friends over phone

The citizens of North Korea are restricted from leaving the country and also they are not allowed to make any kind of international calls. They have no means to make any kind of call outside their country, thus isolating them even further. In the year 2009, a factory owned installed phones in his industry in order to provide the workers with the facility to make international calls. He was killed brutally in front of 150,000 people.

Speaking over phone
Blue jeans

No, we are not kidding, wearing blue jeans is actually banned in their country. Apparently, the blue color jeans signify the evil i.e. the United States. You will have to do away with your favorite pair if you are caught wearing one in the streets of North Korea. So, while visiting this country, keep you pair in home.

Blue Jeans

Yes, internet. When you thought China is bad for banning Google, this country is far worse. It is a law that people cannot surf internet and the worst part is there is no connectivity available for the common citizens. There are very few state officers that have access to internet. However, they are allowed only to access the state run portals that are filled with propaganda.


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10 Normal Everyday Things That Can Get You in Serious Trouble in North Korea

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