Funny Facts About North Korea That Are Equally Tragic

Posted by - August 16, 2018

North Korea is known for the countries tragic treatment of its population but some of the nation’s history is really funny. Here are 6 fun facts about North Korea that will make you laugh hard. Do let us know about the one you liked best! The Photoshop The recent submarine-launched missile test pictures released by

Digital camera on flexible tripod recording a video of woman at desk.

#NewsOnGo: Top 5 News You Have Missed Last Week

Posted by - August 16, 2017

Hello there! The world is full of news happening every moment. We know you miss some and getting awed at others. That is why we have started our new segment where we tell you about the top 5 news of the bygone week. Ready to know them? South Korea’s Spy Agency Rigged The 2012 Election