Salman Khan’s new movie Tubelight  is out. Though we were bracing ourselves for having some good laugh but it caught us on the emotional side. *Who is cutting the onions* Do you think this can be a true statement?

The fans watched wide eyes as the movie took them on an amazing emotional journey.

The film shows that Salman Khan is a specially abled person whose brother Sohail Khan is in the army and goes missing during India-China war. This turns the world upside down for the always smiling man.

Upon the release of the movie, viewers actually hugged Salman Khan with tears in their eyes. With so much of popularity, it is speculated that this can turn out to be the next Bahubali of the industry.

As expected the Twitter users were also not behind in expressing their views on the movie. However, the other part of the audience had something completely different to say. What? Find out through the tweets.

Will it be a hit or a flop? What do you think?

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