This TV Show Normalizes Child Marriage And It’s Absolutely Disgusting

Child marriage though seems like an act of the distant past, but it is a social demon that is still prevailing in the modern times. In this scenario, is it really smart to come up with a serial that tries to normalize the romance between an 18 years old girl and 10 years old guy? […]

Cringe Inducing Pictures That You Will Have Hard Time Forgetting

The social networking sites are an interesting place. It makes you see different things from other’s people perspective. While some of them are amazingly nice, the others are hilariously stupid. Then there are those posts that are seriously calling for you to cringe. However, here are some posts that will make you cringe first and […]

The Cringiest Facebook Posts In History Of Time

Cringe comes in our life in many forms. Today, we bring you such exciting, maybe not so exciting but surely that cringe Facebook posts. These are the ones that will surely make you feel super uncomfortable. Do not forget to mention the one you find worst of all.  It’s on the internet, must be true! […]

We Bet You Cannot Go Through This Six Pictures without Cringing

There are pictures that you see and laugh. There are pictures that you see and get sad. However, then comes those pictures that make you cringe. You think to yourself possibly what could have made people do what they did. Don’t believe us? Then, we welcome you to the world of cringe. A truly gifted […]

6 Two Line Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Short Horror Story

How many of you are fond of horror stories? Well, most of us secretly watch it and then get scared but we never care to admit the same. Well, with this article get ready for some cringe with these two line horror stories that will keep you awake at night. They perfectly induce the emotion […]

10 Tinder Conversations To Make You Go WTF

The popular communication app of tinder is making quite a buzz in the market. It is an app that is used for date, meet, and also hookups. Well, today’s article is not about the usefulness of tinder or about the perfect matches but they are about the conversations. As you have rightly guessed they are […]