World’s Youngest Indian Woman Commander To Fly A Boeing 777 Is A True Inspiration

Life is not a bed of roses. Even though some people compromise with their circumstances and conditions, there are few who fight and win over their problems.

Anny Divya

Captain Anny Divya is one of those few who never loses their heart and courage and doesn’t stop until her eventual goal is achieved.  And now she has become the youngest woman commander of the world to fly a Boeing 777 Aeroplane at the age of 30.

Divya is from an Army background and her birthplace is Pathankot but later her parents shifted to Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh. Divya owes her achievements to her parents as she tells Times Now,

“I am thankful to my parents and teachers for what I am today.”

She too faced problems in her life as she stated,

“I had issues like financial problems, language barrier and cultural differences that I overcame with the support of my family and friends.”

She also told that the fees for the pilot courses used to be very high when she was interested in pursuing the course and considering the fact that she belonged to a middle-class family, it was commendable on the part of her parents to have faith in their daughter’s dreams and spend money on her education.

Anny Divya

“My parents really believed in my goal and let me fly. There were no jobs at the time, so it’s not like the money my parents were putting in was something that I could earn later.”

Besides that, she also dealt with the negativity around her, as she told,

“Nobody was doing any pilot course in Vijayawada that time. So I was not encouraged to do it by a lot of people around me. But I just wanted to fly.”

One of the biggest problems that she faced was speaking correct English as rarely anyone spoke this language in Vijayawada and she was not good in it.

Anny Divya

But the good part is that she has overcome her problems after joining the flying academy. In her words,

“I had some issues with pronunciation which I had to overcome. I learnt through my experiences. I used to feel bad about it a lot of times, but the point is to learn.”

In simple words, when you have faith in yourself and work hard, nobody can stop you from achieving your goals!

She is a true inspiration for people around who wants to pursue their dream. You have made India proud young girl, Anny Divya!



World’s Youngest Indian Woman Commander To Fly A Boeing 777 Is A True Inspiration

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