Weird & Useless But Fascinating World Records For You

world record

Number of people riding in a servo simultaneously


This is a record that is as dangerous as it seems. However, anything to get your name up on the record! Isn’t it?

Big circle rubber ball

rubber ball

Made with rubber bands that weigh 3729 kgs this is the largest rubber ball in the world. Joel Wall is the person who created this ball. He can be seen in the image, lying on top of the ball.

Longest Pizza

longest pizza

Yes, yes we know that will certainly make you drool. In case you are interested, it is 21.3 km long. Yummy!

Longest nails

longest nail

Yes, we know the image is creepy. However, this is a legitimate record held by Chris Walton. The nails are about 6 meters long.

Largest collection of sneaker


Guess how many pairs of sneakers are owned by Jordan Michael Gellar? More than 2500 pairs! That certainly entitles him for being a record holder.



Weird & Useless But Fascinating World Records For You

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