Weird Ice Cream Flavors That You May Want To Try


How many of the ice cream flavors have you tasted till in your life? Maybe a maximum of 15? However, we are sure none of them were as crazy as the ones that we are about to introduce to you today. These are the flavors from all around the world that are known not only for being unusual but really weird. Want to know what they are? Maybe you will be inspired to try them on too!


Raw Horse Flesh

No, we are not trying to make you sick! It is an actual flavor that you can get in Tokyo. Who knows that the taste may tingle your taste buds, or strangle it?


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Foie Gras

Can you guess the ingredients that are used in the preparation of this ice cream? Well, it contains caviar, black truffle, and mustard. Want to try?



Nope, not a mouthwatering dish of this seafood but a doubtable delicious ice cream flavor is what you will get. It has a base of butter in which the lobster meat is folded.


Wasabi Pea Dust

More than the ice cream, the toppings are the main reason behind it being unusual. It gives a touch of spiciness to the eater with its wasabi dust topping. There is also another variety of cayenne pepper.

Wasabi Pea Dust

Eskimo Ice Cream

No wonder it is a tasty ice cream covered with chocolate, then what makes it so different? Well, the base is made of fats from animals like reindeer or caribou.

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Eskimo Ice Cream



Weird Ice Cream Flavors That You May Want To Try

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