Underrated Indian Delicacies That Will Will Show Food Is Love



As, we all know that India is also called the land of delicious food, and amazing flavors. This country is known for it rich, spicy, and flavorsome food, which has the power of mesmerizing mind and soul of any gourmand. From deep-fried crunchy samosa to tandoori chicken is something that this country has gifted us. But, it is always said that there are so many things that early wait for you to discover in the world of food. Let’s take a dig into some exquisite and less popular foods that are actually pretty tasty.

Ambot Tik

This is even known as baby shark curry, Ambot Tik that is really a popular dish found in beautiful coast of Goa. Well, the meat is prepared with various sauces and is usually found in every menu of Goa’s shack-style-restaurants. The meat is tender perfectly blended with different spices to craft a stunning dish like this.

Ambot Tik

Recheado masala fish

It is a delicate and creamy fish marinated in a flavorsome paste made of chilies, garlic, and tamarind to give it the real taste and punch. If you are craving for something really delicious and satisfying, this dish is the one to go for.



Mahni is a sour and sweet black gram preparation from Himachal Pradesh. And, it is really close to the hearts of Himachalis due to its rich interesting history.


Benami Kheer

Indian is a land of various unique, yet tasty dishes and this kheer is one such example. The main ingredients of this kheer is garlic, and trust us, it is pure delight!

Benami Kheer

Lamb’s Brain

This is popularly known as brain fry curry that is quite loved by the people all over the country, especially in Lucknow and Hyderabad. It tastes different, but surely something that you won’t be able to forget that easy. Amazing taste, intense flavors, and spices describe the beauty of this dish.


Lamb's Brain

All these dishes say a lot about the distinct culture and taste of this country. All these are underrated despite their great taste. Enjoy the power of good food!



Underrated Indian Delicacies That Will Will Show Food Is Love

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