Three Funny & Unusual News to Brighten Up Your Monday with Laughter


There is different news all around us that never fails to amuse us. If you are one among those who is super excited that it is Monday today, then this piece is not for you. Others, who are questioning their life choices only because it’s Monday, you are welcome to lighten your mood with the WTF and crazy news from past week. Do let us know about the one that was most bizarre for you.

The Ola ride to Mars!

No, don’t be alarmed Ola didn’t merger with any space station to launch their secret mission, but the bill this guy got certainly seems that it would have been a hell of a long ride. One resident from Mumbai tried booking a cab through Ola and got the notification that he has an outstanding amount of Rs. 149 crores. Yes, you read it right. As it happened on 1st April, he thought it was a prank but later realized it was not when the balance of 127 INR was deducted from his wallet. He contacted the company through social media who apologized and also gave him a special discount coupon.


Now towing includes human too!

No, not really! But, this actually happened in Kanpur where are a man was towed along with his bike. The bike was parked in a non-parking zone and when police came to confiscate the two-wheeler, the man refused to let go of it. The solution? Tow him too!


The marriage of the year

We are not talking about the extravaganza marriages that makes you gasp with awe or jealousy, whichever way you term it. This is a very unusual marriage between a man and his robot. Any guesses in which country the union might have taken place? Yes, you have guessed it right, it’s in China. The reason? This man was pretty frustrated for not getting a suitable match and thus decided to solve the issue in this unusually weird way. We feel you, bro!


Nivea Posted an Ad with a Slogan That Enraged the Viewers



Three Funny & Unusual News to Brighten Up Your Monday with Laughter

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