Things To Remember When You Are Starting A New Relationship & Don’t Want To Get Hurt Again


“From the moment we started taking

I knew I wanted you around”

When we meet someone and step into the world of new relationship then that is an amazing feeling. However, as soon as the initial euphoria is over, the fear of the past experiences slowly creeps in. Here are some tips to deal with them to have a smooth relationship.

Getting scared is ok

When you start a new relationship then your old experiences, the one where you are hurt will come and haunt you. When you deny the insecurities then they tend to have a negative effect on your relationship. There is no shame in admitting you are scared. It will actually help you to see things in better light.



Whether it is a happy feeling or a sad one, make sure that you keep the scope of communication wide open. If you do not develop the ability to talk to each other, that will end up killing your new relationship too.


Be honest

No, not only to your partner but be honest with yourself. Make sure you know what is the relationship all about and which way you are heading. Faking thing at the initial stage is bound to ruin the entire thing in future.

be honest

Be gentle

Smothering yourself with self-doubt and self-judgment is very common when you are in the initial stage of your relationship. Go easy on yourself, the future isn’t predictable so let it take its own course.

be gentle

Think about them

By this what we mean, make sure to take into consideration their perspective. They have their own set of experiences that fuels their behavior. When you keep an open mind then that will help you in understanding them in a better way.

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think about them



Things To Remember When You Are Starting A New Relationship & Don’t Want To Get Hurt Again

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