Tequila Cocktails That Will Spice Up Every Party And Make It Fun

Have you ever tried mixing drinks at your home? Well, you all might have tried that and trust me, there have been many genuine reasons that helped us to do so. First, it is easy and fun to make our own cocktail at home and second, it is cheaper than boozing out at a good restaurant.

Well, we are here gonna talk specifically about Tequila, whose one single shot can take you to the world of fun and peace. And no, it’s not only about plain margarita that’s happening. There are a lot other recipes that you can try with this spirit.

So, for all tequila lovers, I have got these ten new essential tequila cocktail recipes that are easy to go and you can easily try them at home.

La Vela

For this, you’ll need 2 watermelon pieces, 1 slice of Fresno chili, 1.5 oz. Codigo 1530 Rosa Tequila, ¾ oz. grapefruit juice, 0.25 oz. rosemary syrup, and ¼ oz. lime juice. Mix these all ingredients, shake and serve in a snifter with shaved ice crush. You can garnish it even with a rosemary sprig.


Unicorn Margarita

To prepare this drink, take a small can or bottle, add the ¾ oz. lime juice into and keep it aside for some time. Use a cocktail shaker and then add ice, 1½ oz. tequila, ½ oz. triple sec, ¾ oz. butterfly pea flower syrup and a pinch of salt. Empty the cocktail straight into glass and garnish it with sparkling water raspberry watermelon. You can even add lime juice at the top to change its colour from blue to pink.

unicorn margarita

Coralina Margarita

Add 1 ¾ oz. Patrón Reposado, ¾ oz Patrón Citrónge Orange, ¾ oz simple syrup and 1 oz lime juice in a shaker. Then add ice and strain it into a glass. Top it with sugar-salt and a lime-wheel.


Tangerine Margarita

Brim a glass with citrus salt. Take 3 oz. tangerine lemonade, ½ oz. fresh lime juice, ½ oz. Cointreau, and 1-ounce tequila and mix them into a shaker. Strain the drink into a glass and serve with ice.


Mystic Marvel

Mix 1.5 oz Casamigos tequila, 1 oz prickly pear puree, ¾ oz agave and 0.75 oz lemon juice. Shake well in a shaker and garnish with a lemon wheel and umbrella. Cool, isn’t it?


Lavender Lemonade

In a shaker, mix 12 oz Tequila Don Julio Blanco, 8 oz lemon juice, 8 oz lavender syrup and 8 oz water into a jar loaded with ice and lime wheels. Stir well and then serve in a glass. You can garnish it with one of the lime wheels.



Use a shaker filled with ice. Use basil leaves along with other ingredients like – 1 tbsp coconut sugar, ¼ oz St. Germain, ¼ oz Cointreau and 1.5-ounce tequila. After adding all, top with watermelon water and then use ice for the top.


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Hot Sauce in my Bag

Take a shaker loaded with ice. Then take 1.5 oz Blanco Tequila, ¾ oz lime juice, and ½ oz apricot jam. Mix all ingredients and baby just shake, shake, shake… And lastly, strain into a glass with ice on top.

Hot Sauce

Tequila Noble Paloma

Mix all these ingredients – 2 oz Casa Noble Crystal Tequila, 1 oz lime juice, 1 oz grapefruit juice, and ½ oz agave nectar. Stir well and then strain the drink into a glass with ice.

Tequila Noble PalomaVampiro

This is one of the classic tequila cocktails. Just mix 1.5 oz of Tres Agaves tequila Reposado and 5 oz sangria mix along with 0.5 oz lime juice. Shake, add ice and then have it chilled.




Tequila Cocktails That Will Spice Up Every Party And Make It Fun

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