The Thoughts We Had While Watching The Latest Episode 4 Of GOT Season 7


Excitement, anticipation, joy, sadness, and laughter! Game of Thrones is probably the only show that takes you through a trip of all the emotions in the curve. The scene is no different for the latest fourth episode of the seventh season. There was so many thought jumping around in our head while watching the recent […]

Frustrated With GOT Fan Criticism Ed Sheeran Deletes His Twitter Account


As soon as Game of Thrones fans saw Ed Sheeran’s cameo in it, it created a lot of buzz in Social Media. Some comments were in favor of him appreciating his skills, while some were totally against him. Guess Ed Sheeran was totally pissed off seeing these negative comments, which is why, he temporarily deleted […]

Exciting News For GOT Fans As HBO Released Photos From Season 7

game of thrones season 7

The ‘Game of Thrones’ fans are waiting eagerly for the release of the seventh seasons of this series. HBO recently released some of the pictures from that upcoming season 7 and no wonder the fans had an amazing day. It contains pictures of almost all the leading characters of the series with a subtle hint […]