7 Insect Flavored Ice Creams around the World That Not Everyone Can Eat


Everyone craves for delicious Ice creams. However, to us the frozen delicacy is often topped with fruits and sauces. Also, they are almost never presented with non vegetarian items. Sorry to say, that is what you think! Here is a list of Ice-creams made out of insects that will make you feel sickened about having […]

This Lip-Smacking Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe Will Put You In A Good Mood


What’s better than a chewy crunchy cookie? Well, the ice-cream nestled between those cookies that could enhance our sugar cravings for it. Isn’t it? Imagine your favorite ice cream flavor filled between crunchy cookies, pie or wafers along with fancy sprinkle that make up a perfect summertime dessert i.e. Ice cream Sandwich. Well, nothing would […]

Selling Mutton Samosas Over Job In Google: The Story Of A Dreamer And Reality

The Bohri Kitchen

Indians have always loved food and a very interesting fact about them is that they don’t just love to eat themselves but also invite other people and serve them with delicious delicacies. The best part of Indian food is that we have always accepted a large number of things from other cultures too, so, this […]

3 Craziest Restaurants Breaking All the Stereotypes of the Culinary World

  Are you one of those who get excited with unique, weird and crazy stuff? If Yes, then, let us get introduced to the most out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences that will blow your mind for sure. Here are some crazy restaurants that have deconstructed the meaning of fine dining restaurants in the culinary world. Labassin Waterfall […]

Mumbai Pub offers Rs 900 Burger at a price you cannot believe

Well, this is somewhere where your less weight will be of your advantage. No no, this is not another story of fat shaming but indeed a very fun challenge that is put up by a pub in Mumbai. They have recently come up with a very interesting offer. They are offering the guest with a […]