7 Clear Signs That Tell He Wants To Marry You Soon

  You and your partner have been in a relationship for quite a long time. Things are going quite smoothly and well, to say, your relationship has now jumped to a next level i.e. matrimony. But you are still not sure that whether he’s ready to marry you. Does he see you as ‘The Only […]

Signs that shows if you are clinging to a dying marriage

Is this the beginning of the end? Most couples are aware of the divorce statistics when they get married. What they don’t know are the indications that they should be looking for to caution them that their marriage is landing into trouble! There are majority of marriage advice books that emphasis upon saving the union, but sometimes it’s sensible to recognize […]

You Are A Sapiosexual If You Enjoy These Things Of Intelligence


“Tanya was very attracted to the handsome hunk who played in her school basketball team.  She always imagined how it would be like to date this boy. Soon, the chance came when one of her friends invited them for launch. However, as soon as, he opened his mouth all her attractions washed away. On the […]