No Shitting But You May Be Pooping The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

Yes, guys! I am talking about Pooping. Call it stool, feces, dung or poop – no matter what you call it by, it is something that we do daily and that completes our day. Well, you might find talking about it odd at first but there’s one thing you need to know about it right […]

Doing This Small Things Can Have Unbelievable Positive Effect On Your Life

Our lives always need encouragement and hope to continue. It can come from any sources and often from the unlikely of the places. The path to personal development isn’t very hard if you are really ready to find the blind spots that are holding you back and make a conscious effort to get over the […]

Quotes On Life That Will Keep You Motivated And Inspired

Life is all about enjoying the small beauties all around. However, there are times when you are pulled down by all that is going around. We forget the beauty of life and give in the cribbing of what we don’t have rather than appreciating the things that make our life beautiful. Thus, here we are […]