After Surya Namaskar, Kaif Trolled For Playing Chess With Son. Trollers Call It Haraam!

“Human stupidity never knows any bound and this is one of the finest examples!”

Trolls on social media continue to spread hatred as the former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif posted a picture featuring him and his son playing Chess together.

He wrote-

Shatranj Ke Khilaadi #fatherson #kabirtales #instaplay

As soon as he posted the picture on Facebook, trolls started hitting the comment section with suggestions like Chess or Shatranj is Haraam in Islam.

Have a look at the comments-

The Truth:

After the 1979 Islamic revolution, playing chess was banned in public in Iran and was declared haraam, or forbidden, by senior clerics because it was associated with gambling.

However, in 1988, Iran’s then supreme leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, lifted the ban and said it was permissible as long as it was not a means of gambling.

So the chess as a game is not haraam if it doesn’t lead someone to abandon or commit a forbidden act like-

  1. Not performing the prayer
  2. Abandoning being dutiful to parents
  3. Telling a lie and false swearing
  4. Involves a betting

Chess game is disliked but obviously it is not forbidden in Islam. If father and son are playing it then it is obviously not wrong because it will not involve any kind of betting.

However, there were some good comments too.

So we would like to conclude at a point that there’s still a lot of positivity to see on social media and it will continue to over power the negativity every time. Meanwhile, a message to trollers is to get proper knowledge of religion before talking about it. Your every word goes a long way and shape up the face of your faith in front of the world. What do you think?



After Surya Namaskar, Kaif Trolled For Playing Chess With Son. Trollers Call It Haraam!

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