Sonu Nigam Slams Loudspeakers During Azaan As Gundagardi

The high pitched sound of religious chants during early hours of morning from your nearby masjid is something most of the Indians are familiar with. There is nothing new to it or extraordinary. However, that religious practice is now in discussion as Sonu Nigam decided to speak his mind against the loud ‘noise’ of loudspeakers during Azaan that woke him up.

He tweeted saying or rather asking a question that he is not a follower of the Islam religion, then why he has to get awake at the sound of Azaan on loudspeakers at early morning? Well, he called the practice as forced religiousness and the twitter reacted as expected.

However, the eyebrows were really raised when he went on and called it to be ‘gundagardi.’

However, after his next tweet it was clear that he was not targeting any particular religion as he also said that use of loudspeakers in Temples or Gurudwara should also be banned. Now, does he really have a point in what he is saying? What do you think?

Anyway, before we conclude, here is a glimpse of the way twitter reacted.

How would you react?



Sonu Nigam Slams Loudspeakers During Azaan As Gundagardi

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