Sonam Kapoor’s Picture From Paris Fashion Week Will Leave You Awestruck

Our desi Fashionista Sonam Kapoor recently walked for Paris’s Haute Couture Fashion Week  Autumn Winter 17/18 in Ralph & Russo and indeed set the stage on fire.

She was the showstopper, she carried it out perfectly with her impeccable posture and fierce attitude. Indeed her appearance was so mesmerizing that it left us speechless. Don’t believe us? Have a look yourself!

Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous?

In the bejeweled bridal gown, Sonam looks absolute stunning embraced with gorgeousness.

The beautiful dress was accompanied by heavy jewelry and eye-catching makeup which add on to the entire glamour factor.

We are certainly drooling over these amazingly fashionable photos. Aren’t you?



Sonam Kapoor’s Picture From Paris Fashion Week Will Leave You Awestruck

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