You Are A Sapiosexual If You Enjoy These Things Of Intelligence


“Tanya was very attracted to the handsome hunk who played in her school basketball team.  She always imagined how it would be like to date this boy. Soon, the chance came when one of her friends invited them for launch. However, as soon as, he opened his mouth all her attractions washed away. On the contrary, she was much impressed and attracted to his brother who had his way around the conversation. He wasn’t bestowed with looks as his elder brother but captured full attention of Tanya. Soon after, they started dating”


Do you too connect with Tanya? Do you think that brain is always better than looks? Then you a very well identify yourself as a sapiosexual. This is a terms used for those who are attracted to a person because of their intellect rather than their body. In other words, intelligence and wit turns you on than a great body. Here are seven things you enjoy in slightly different ways that other, if you are a sapiosexual.


The date place

Rather than always running to fancy restaurants or romantic places, you find the local bookstore much more attractive. You love giving book recommendations to each other and talk about the world. A man who reads and remains well informed will never run out of topics, it will always keep your interest intact.


elderly couple

Ideal foreplay

You enjoy the witty banter in the bed much more than anything else. It turns you on beyond your imagination.

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The humble nature

He is the one who never brags about his credentials but you know what all he has achieved in life or is capable of doing. This humble quality of his makes you respect him and enjoy his company. Also, the fact that you have to brag on his behalf makes you secretly proud.


No short form

Have you always wondered how much time do people save who eat out the letters from the words while texting? Let’s admit, it’s extremely irritating too. When you send him a text, the grammatically correct text will certainly make you happy.


Liked by all

You know he is a good conversationalist and has the ability to hold on a good conversation with anyone. You have confidence in his ability and also it is something you admire. He will very well be able to talk to your old grandmother or young brother while maintaining the same level of intelligence.


The appreciation

He is really attentive and has the genuine interest to know you. He is not intimidated by the complexity of the female mind. On the contrary, he is interested in unveiling the same. Thus, he finds you and your thought interesting. It is certainly safe to say, he is turned on by your intelligence too.

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Beyond the books

It is in admirable quality when he read good books but that is not the only thing that makes you like him. He is also very good at emotional intelligence and that makes him smart. He has the ability to understand and read your emotions properly. Also, there is the trait of empathy in the person.




You Are A Sapiosexual If You Enjoy These Things Of Intelligence

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