Public sex stories that will make you cringe with horror

Sex is beautiful and at times it’s hard to control. Though doing it indoors is better but there is certain charm in taking the whole act outside. These people thought the same and decided to have sex in the outdoors. These public sex stories are something that will certainly make you cringe and then laugh very hard.

Hiking gone bad

They were on a hike, when they decided to get it on. However, when one of them was opening his pants to get some action, he tripped and fell off a small cliff. His partner did get some action but in form of taking his to hospital.


Mistaken identity

When they didn’t had any other place, this couple decided to use the bathroom of a swimming pool. They were getting warmed up unless a cop showed up. The reason? Well, the area was famous for prostitution and someone called the cops thinking the same about the couple.


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The background music

This couple was getting it on a beach when a party of people partying walked in there. Instead of leaving they started playing “I just had sex” and kept watching the couple.


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It’s a goal!

When two friends were roaming around in a football field at night, they came across a couple getting it on. Without moving away one of the friends shouted goal and the guy from the couple put up his fist in approval.

Couple Lying on a Beach

Do you have weed?

It was a non- crowded beach and the couple was getting it on when they spotted a group of teens. Quickly they sobered themselves up when one of the teens approached them. Guess what he asked? “Do you have weed.”





Public sex stories that will make you cringe with horror

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