Pouring Gifts In Pakistan! Shadab Khan Gets A Surprise Gift For Taking Yuvraj Singh’s Wicket In Champions Trophy Finals!

india and pakistan match

The Champions Trophy which concluded recently saw an exciting game of Cricket in the Finals between India and Pakistan. Controversies like Anil Kumble giving his post of retirement and Virat Kohli being hounded by fans propped up after the loss. Perhaps, things have settles down thankfully.



Now people are talking about the gifts and the Prize money both the teams got. Runners in the Champions Trophy Indian team got a Cash Award of Rs 7 Crores from ICC, while the Pakistani team got a cash prize of Rs 14 Crores.  In addition to that, Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif gave each Pakistani player a sum of Rs 1 Crore, because he was too happy with the team’s performance.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

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Surprisingly, Right Arm Leg Spinner Shadab Khan has received one more gift for playing brilliantly in the ICC Champions Trophy. Fakhar Zaman was too good with batting and Shadab Khan showed inventiveness in his bowling. In the finals, Shadab took 2 wickets, out of which one was of Yuvraj Singh.


Want to know what Shadab got? Well, an Islamabad car dealer gifted him a Honda Civic Turbo worth INR 17 Lakhs (28 Lakhs Pakistani Rupee) for playing excellently in the tournament. Reports say that the Car dealer was very much impressed because he took Yuvraj Singh’s wicket. A Pakistani journalist tweeted about this and uploaded the pictures of Shadab with the Car. Have a look:


Pakistanis are very proud that their team has won the tournament and celebrating in all ways possible.



Pouring Gifts In Pakistan! Shadab Khan Gets A Surprise Gift For Taking Yuvraj Singh’s Wicket In Champions Trophy Finals!

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