This Is How Pokemon Characters Will Look Like, If They Existed In Real

Do you love Pokemon? Well, who does not! As they are the characters that everyone wish could have existed in the real world.

Pokemon characters are familiar so far amongst the children of 90s, and they received much more fame after the game Pokemon Go. These characters not just look adorable but are still in the imagination of some that how would they look, if existed.

So, for giving this inclination a touch of art, a concept artist, Joshua Dunlop embarked on a project of illustrating some of the Pokemon characters like real life creatures.

Scroll below and pick your favorite Pokemon character to share it with your mates.



Remember this green looking but a cute character with bumps and scales sprinkled across his body makes it even more adorable for some people to look.



Can you imagine something like Diglett coming out of your home garden or any public park? If yes, then you would love this little creature in real.




A tiny dinosaur, Charmander can also be on the list of many people’s favorite Pokemon character so far.



Here it is cuddly, fluffy, pinky pie character. We still can’t forget this singing sensation Pokemon with the melodious voice that can make anyone sleep. But, beware if Jigglypuff would have existed in real life, it could get you drown quickly, then you can imagine waking up with funny colored face after a nap.




Pokemon character with a headache all time and apparently not too responding as well. Who can forget Psyduck in the illustration series? But, if it comes out, in reality, it would definitely be the most creepy one.



Tiny caterpillar which can be entertaining for those who don’t like the pokemon character doing any hard activity.



Wolfy-wolf! Vulpix can be on the list of people who like a wild but attractive Pokemon to play with.



Appealing enough, Poliwag is another Pokemon character, which is miniature but with elongated powers and a super favorite of those who love water Pokemon’s.



Last but not least, a charming turtle exclusively for water lovers. Imagine, if all the water turtles had been like Squirtle, we would have fallen in love with marine life even more.

Image Source: Joshua Dunlop



This Is How Pokemon Characters Will Look Like, If They Existed In Real

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