People Actually Used To Do These WTF Things To Their Babies


Babies are fragile! There is no second thought to that statement. That is the reason we always make sure that they are getting the best condition in which they can grow up safely. However, one look at the past revealed some of the worst ways in which people used to treat their babies, knowingly or unknowingly. Here are five of such WTF ways.

The magic syrup

It was the year 1840 when Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup made a buzz in the market. Created to make infant stop crying this product soon became extremely popular. Any guesses what did the mixture contained? It had the combination of alcohol, morphine, chloroform, and cannabis. Eventually, it was denounced by American Medical Association but the sale continued till 1930.

Goat as a wet nurse

Sheep, horses, goats, and cows were selected as the best ways to wet nurse the newborn until the 20th century. Not only this, parents would put the cradle of babies right under the animals for them to suck the milk directly. Did you cringe? We did too!

Thumb sucking = chronic masturbator

Not very long but in the early 1900s, this is what people thought about the babies who used to suck their thumbs. In order to combat this ‘problem’ parents used to tie the nightgowns of the babies to their cribs or make them wear gloves.

Wine as food

In ancient Greek, babies were fed lots of wine as a part of their diet. 6 months or older babies were given breadcrumbs soaked in wine.

Baby cages

It sounds shocking and it surely was. However, for people of 1930s, it was extremely normal to create a metal cage for their babies which used to hand out of the windows. Apparently, it was thought that this will give the baby access to fresh air.

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People Actually Used To Do These WTF Things To Their Babies

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