No Shitting But You May Be Pooping The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

Yes, guys! I am talking about Pooping. Call it stool, feces, dung or poop – no matter what you call it by, it is something that we do daily and that completes our day. Well, you might find talking about it odd at first but there’s one thing you need to know about it right now and that is ‘The Correct Way of Pooping’. Yeah! You read it right there’s a proper way to poop even and hence we have probably been pooping wrong our entire life, courtesy new inventions like squatty potty and fancy sit-down toilets.

So, explore the right way and thank us later.

How many of you knew that there’s proper position to sit on toilet while you poop? I suppose, not many of you. Well, we have been pooping wrong since the day we started shitting things out.

toilet reading

So, now you know that you are minding your business the wrong way. Here’s the correct posture to consider and correct it.

proper way to poop

Well, you might also be wondering that what’s wrong with your basic popping posture. Basically what happens is whenever we sit to poop we put pressure on our gut muscles so as to push excreta out of our bodies and this strain could be harmful to our bodies while making us prone to bowel diseases, hernia, and hemorrhoids.


As per Pelvic Floor Clinic at Stanford University, the right way is to squat while poop. Our bodies are designed in a way that it becomes easy for us to poop while squatting rather than sitting.


For this, you can buy a ‘Squatty Potty’ or you can also use a stool in front of your bowl so as to raise the elevation level of your feet. Also, you can climb up on toilet seat and settle on seat while pooping.


Now that you have got to know the right way, I hope you’ll adopt it the next time you have gotta go. I am sure your bowels will thank you for this technique.




No Shitting But You May Be Pooping The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

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