Nivea Posted an Ad with a Slogan That Enraged the Viewers

Nivea racism

Recently Nivea came up with an ad for their social media and the slogan was something that created a lot of controversies.

Nivea racism
Yes, the tagline says that ‘White is Purity.’ When the world is already dealing with the problems of the white supremacy, these words certainly doesn’t fit in well. This is a move that the company is certainly regretting because it didn’t take much time for the people to react and let their opinion be known.
The post was given on Facebook targeting the audience in the Middle-East. Along with the picture the post also contained the following content.

“Keep it clean, keep bright. Don’t let anything ruin it, #Invisible”

The brand was soon marked as racist by many due to which the post was finally pulled down from the social media platform. Along with that, the company also issues an official apology.

What is your take on this matter? Let us know in the comment below.



Nivea Posted an Ad with a Slogan That Enraged the Viewers

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