Mumbai Pub offers Rs 900 Burger at a price you cannot believe

Well, this is somewhere where your less weight will be of your advantage. No no, this is not another story of fat shaming but indeed a very fun challenge that is put up by a pub in Mumbai. They have recently come up with a very interesting offer. They are offering the guest with a delicious burger that will cost about 900 INR for preparation. However, you can have this burger at a much lesser price. How?

Well, you will only have to pay the money according to your weight. If you are 100, you pay 100 INR. If you are more or less, you pay accordingly. Named ‘heart attack burger’ this is a dish that you will certainly drool over and love to explore. So, when are you hitting the joint for a delicious treat?



Mumbai Pub offers Rs 900 Burger at a price you cannot believe

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