Men Gets Raped Too: Shameful Portrayal Of Male Abuse In Hindi Movies


The Alia Bhaat and Varun Dhawan starter movie Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya wasn’t something you will be happy spending your money one. Then, why are we here today discussing that movie?

It is because of a particular scene where one of the lead characters Varun Dhawan is molested by some men at a deserted road. How did the audience react? They laughed!

Varun and Alia

Yes, like a joke they laughed when on the screen a man was touched inappropriately. This shows the double standards of our society. A society that often thinks that men can’t get raped as they enjoy it. On top of that, kudos to the brilliant filmmakers who thought it would be great to play a comical music in the background as the scene unfolds. The matter even gets worse when the other protagonist is trying to suppress the laughter while trying to comfort the male character.

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya

This is indeed very shame worthy where a matter of such seriousness is dealt as a joke. Where people still don’t accept the fact that MEN GETS RAPED TOO.



Men Gets Raped Too: Shameful Portrayal Of Male Abuse In Hindi Movies

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