Meet The Lady Who Take Care Of Paralyses And Electrocuted Pets

When you have a pet at home, you understand the uncompromised love they always have to offer. It can be a puppy, a kitten, or even a turtle, but they make your life beautiful.

However, the sad part is that despite all their ability to love, they are not immune from the clutches of old age or injuries.  There are times when the old age or the diseases may paralyze them or leave handicapped.


These are the times when the love of the owners is tested and they often fail. Out of frustration they often abandon the pets during such conditions.

However, there are few who refuse to give up and Dr Deepa Katyal is one such person. It all started with her dog Rocky. To whom she is teaching pain management.

Her shelter is now taking care of different animals that also have electrocuted monkeys. She feels the pain of animals and birds, thus try to help them in all possible way. This initiative is worth praising and we wish more people will come up with similar shelters. Presently, she is operating in Mumbai.

She is also willing to teach others who are interested in taking care of the paralyses and sick pet animals.



Meet The Lady Who Take Care Of Paralyses And Electrocuted Pets

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