Male celebrities who are proud feminist


What is the most feared and hence ridiculed F word of the present time? Yes, you are right it is feminism. While the truth is feminism is a way to create a path towards equal right of men and women, there are many who think this is a man bashing propaganda without realizing the true meaning. Here are five male celebrities form Hollywood who stands as a proud feminist ad advocates for equal rights.

1. Daniel Radcliff

He proudly extends his support to all women and also stood against sexualization of female stars.

Daniel Radcliff

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He openly said in media what does being a feminist mean and why he proudly identifies himself as one.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

3. Mark Ruffalo

Our favorite star from hulk is an activist for woman’s rights for years. He is proud of his stand and dreams of a world of equality one day.

Mark Ruffalo

4. Will Smith

From teaching his little daughter that one person has right over her body i.e. herself to killing the gender gap between his kids. This star actually practices what he preaches.

will smith

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

He is a proud feminist who never shy away from saying that publically.




Male celebrities who are proud feminist

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