Make Summer Bearable With These Easy Tricks and Forget the AC

woman sweating from heat

Yes, summer is almost knocking on the door and soon we will all feel like not moving out of the AC. However, let’s face it too much of AC is not good for your health or for Mother Nature too. Thus, here are few easy tricks that will help you in making summer bearable while mineralizing the use of AC. Ready to explore?

Fan & Ice

Put ice in a large metal bowl in front of table fan and see the room getting cool.

Ice with Fan

 Uncluttered room

When the room has too much of items it feels hotter. Make sure to remove the unwanted items and give more space for air.

Uncluttered room

 Say hello nature

Fill your space with indoor plants. They will give you fresh air and make the room cooler.

indoor plants

Breathable curtains

Say goodbye to the old and heavy curtains. Replace them with those that are made of cotton. It will not trap the heat inside.

cotton curtains

White paint

Paint your terrace or roof in white as it will reflect the UV rays and make you room cooler.

White paint

Which way are you implementing this year?



Make Summer Bearable With These Easy Tricks and Forget the AC

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