This Lip-Smacking Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe Will Put You In A Good Mood


What’s better than a chewy crunchy cookie? Well, the ice-cream nestled between those cookies that could enhance our sugar cravings for it. Isn’t it? Imagine your favorite ice cream flavor filled between crunchy cookies, pie or wafers along with fancy sprinkle that make up a perfect summertime dessert i.e. Ice cream Sandwich. Well, nothing would be better than to have that perfect frozen dessert home ready for your sweet tooth. Right!

So, are you wishing to try one at your home? Don’t worry as we have come up with the easiest yet amazing ice cream sandwich recipe of Frozen S’mores that will insist you to try at your home right now.

Frozen S’mores is the perfect twist you can get while mixing an ice cream and cookies and undoubtedly, its savor will take your heart away.


So, will stop keep you waiting and here I begin with its recipe:


Parchment paper

Graham crackers

Chocolate pudding

Marshmallow crème or fluff

macaroniand cheese cake


Use parchment paper as it serves best for baking cookies. First, put six graham crackers alongside so as to form a huge cracker sheet. Also, make use of a low sheet pan instead of a cake pan.

Then take chocolate pudding and apply it over the graham crackers. Freeze it until you find it little too solid.

By the time your pudding gets frozen, take a marshmallow fluff and mix it with your favorite flavored ice cream.

Now the pudding is ready and the ice cream too. All you need to put the layer of ice cream on the top of chocolate pudding and place the graham cracker on the top to cover it.

You’ll have to wait for two hours till the S’mores takes the desired shape by getting frozen. And then get ready to binge on perfect Frozen S’mores.

Homemade s'mores with loose marshmallows



This Lip-Smacking Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe Will Put You In A Good Mood

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