Let Us Make The Next Labour Day Free Of Child Labours

child labour

Labour Day, May 1st, it is the day we celebrate to pay respect to those who works hard to build our nation. They are the doers who transform the ideas into tangible reality. However, today we are not going to explore the history of this day or peek into the different social media statuses that are posted for observing the day. Today, we will take up a bleak but necessary issue that needs to be addressed. On this Labour Day, we talk about Child Labour in India.
Stop Child Labour

Despite being illegal, there is no decrease in the exploitation of the Child Labours across the country. Not only they are pushed there due to poor educational infrastructure but also to satisfy the basic needs of life caused due to poverty.
There was a time when they were visible working in industries openly, but presently you will see a lot less. Does that mean the number of the children that are forced into labour has decreased? NO. The place of working has just shifted from factories to homes.
Stop Child Labour

There is no uniform platform in which all the children forced to do labour can be identified and it stands as one of the biggest challenges for eradicating this issue.
Child Labour
However, there are ways through which measures are taken to control this issues, laws, and NGOs. They are not sufficient to put an end to child labour. There is also the need for awareness that can ensure that the people stop using kids as labours.
child labour
It is up to you to take a step today for a better future of the kids.



Let Us Make The Next Labour Day Free Of Child Labours

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