Kriti Sanon takes a dig at Modi and pounded netizens for trolling Priyanka Chopra for her dress.

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Bollywood Actress and Model Kriti Sanon has always been straight forward in putting forward their opinions with her clear stream of thoughts. On International Women’s day, she took to Instagram and posted an audacious yet alluring messages which read that Women still continue to be judged based on the dress they wear and are often oppressed by the men dominated society.
kriti sanon
Recently, in an interview to Hindustan Times, she pointed out the lacking of morality in Social Media. She hauled the netizens who trolled Priyanka Chopra for her dress when she met Indian PM Narendra Modi during his recent visit to Germany.

kriti sanon and priyanka chopra

She stated that “Priyanka is someone who represents India in so many ways and has made us proud in the entire world. She’s not someone who will do anything that harms India’s pride.”

Priyanka Chopra Shamed For Showing Her Leg While Meeting PM Modi In Berlin

She expressed her disappointment over the misuse of the Freedom to comment and judge over the clothes that others wear. She also took a dig at Modi stating that “It’s high time that people should stop elucidating on what women wear. It’s our choice. Even Narendra Modi sir was not wearing a kurta pyjama; he was wearing a suit, which is Western. And Priyanka was wearing something very decent. It wasn’t vulgar attire. People need to stop implying women what to wear, or else it should be voiced that if you’re meeting so and so, please wear a burkha.”
priyanka chopra with modi
Yes,her words are to be acknowledged.It is inessential for social media users and netizens to backtalk about peoples’ attire and poke their nose into such unnecessary issues.


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Kriti Sanon takes a dig at Modi and pounded netizens for trolling Priyanka Chopra for her dress.

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